This is a Little Cheesy

My brother came to visit for Mother’s Day weekend. This was two and a half days filled with mom time, eating, running here, eating, more mom time, running there, eating, shopping, eating, taking mom out to…eat. Yeah, lots of foodstuffs touched my lips, but the head cold I was sporting was unimpressed with attempts at gluttony. By the time Saturday evening rolled around, I could not make myself order the  delicious jaeger schnitzel at Stone Cellar Brew Pub, which is the best schnitzel I’ve had since mom used to make her mother’s recipe for wiener schnitzel. I simply wasn’t that hungry, so I settled for a small, personal-sized pizza, which didn’t get high marks in my book. Afterwards, I thought, “You fool, you could have ordered the schnitzel, taken most of it home, and enjoyed leftovers for a day or two! Fool!”

Thankfully, I had a leftover seafood chimichanga from Friday night to drown my schnitzel sorrow.

Moving on…

Living out of state, my brother likes to take a trip to Green Bay and Lambeau field from time to time. He remains a die-hard Packer fan, as does his sister. So, I offer you a photographic question and answer session that will bring you along on our journey to Titletown, the Packer Pro Shop and a place to eat and have a beer.

Q: Why are these people standing in line?

Packes and Patio 004

A: They paid to have their photo taken with the “Lambeau Leap” statute. Yup, you can pay to pretend you are a Green Bay Packer player, leaping among the bronze fans that surround you. I am a HUGE fan. Huge. But I find this a little cheesy.

Q: Do I need a mule or a pair of Crocs or a green and gold Hawaiian shirt?

Packes and Patio 008

A: None of the above. The hat is still at the store, unless a Lambeau Leaper bought it.

Q: Chicken, beef or pork?

Packes and Patio 007

A: There is no incorrect answer. Anything made in a Packer crockpot will be good.

Q: Why is this jersey so funny?

Packes and Patio 009

A: Because that’s a Packer player’s first name. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a Green Bay safety and former member of the Alabama Crimson Tide college football team. My brother and his friend are attending the Packer/Carolina game at the beginning of November and he needed a custom jersey. And a grilling spatula with a big metal “G” in the middle. And a few other trinkets. I asked him why he didn’t go stand in line for the cheesy leap photo.

Q: What do you do when your sister is hungry and wants to eat lunch?

Packes and Patio 011

A: You forego the restaurant in favor of the tap room across the parking lot. My brother is not only a Packer fan and avid bicyclist, he is also a beer aficionado. He seeks out new brew pubs and brew masters and boldly goes where wine drinkers fail to tread. It didn’t surprise me that he was lured here like a crow is lured to a bright, shiny object for its nest. This is the Titletown Brewery Tap Room and we must have a beer.

Q: What is the name of this Titletown concoction?

Packes and Patio 012

A: Irritation Ale. It’s what you drink when you’d rather eat. I chose to pass on the Busted Nut and Ctrl “Alt” Delete because they just didn’t fit the bill.

Q: Why did I take this photo?

Packes and Patio 013

A: Because this is proof that I was irritated. We had finally finished lunch and were on our way back to Appleton. The irritation continued into the afternoon and evening when I chose pizza over schnitzel.

I’m a fool.

Do you have any questions? Need a beer? Want to stand in line for a cheesy leap?

20 responses to This is a Little Cheesy

  1. Have you ever tried the Cheesehead Wine? I’ve always been tempted, because the cork is a cheesehead hat, but then I remember the point of wine is enjoyment, not kitsch. 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      The cheesehead wine would be perfect for the adults standing in that line. I don’t know if I could bring myself to try it. Would it be oaky with a subtle hit of aged cheddar?

  2. joannesisco says:

    I got lured in with a promise of cheese. Instead I got beer.

    … and now I’m going to be thinking of jaeger schnitzel all day.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I haven’t been to a game at Lambeau since the Favre era…price of the tickets have gone up, especially the scalped ones. But I can tell you that the aura and ambiance of being inside the stadium is totally awesome. Especially in the arctic weather!

  3. Question: Why was this post marked as read in my Inbox but I hadn’t actually read it?

    I think I might need the Ctrl “Alt” Delete, thanks.

    Not being a sports fan of any description, I’m always somewhat bewildered and bemused by the obsessions of others. A Green Bay Packers crockpot?? Really???

    And I had to go Google poor Ha Ha to make sure his parents hadn’t actually saddled him with such a silly name. And then I couldn’t pronounce his real name so I guess that’s why he goes by Ha Ha.

    Parents can be cruel…

  4. guysgab says:

    That’s awesome, I just forwarded the Crock-Pot link to my buddy who’s a die-hard Packers fan!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Your buddy needs to go to the Packer Pro Shop in Green Bay. He’d be in heaven sifting through all of the goodies. Although, he could also spend a fortune there.

      • guysgab says:

        Yeah, he went there last year for the first time (he lives in New Jersey), and he walked out with a hefty bill. 🙂

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