Beautifully Guilty

Spring Storm2Wisconsin was not a snow monster this past winter. Without doing any research, I would say the southern part of the state received the most accumulation of white. The biggest snowfall of the season for the Green Bay area was 3.8”, which is nothing compared to a normal winter. It’s not uncommon to have at least one or two snowstorms in the 6-8” range and a good old blizzard to boot. This past season was not a good one for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, or for businesses that depend on snow-related activities.

Much like Goldilocks and the bear beds, it seems that winter is never exactly right – too cold, too much snow, not enough snow. I don’t believe there is a winter that everyone can agree on. Personally, I am a fan of mild El Nino winters as long as it snows for Christmas.

All that being said, I found this morning’s wet, heavy, fat snowflakes exceptionally beautiful when I stepped outside. White clung to the pine trees, bushes and the neighbor’s parked vehicle. There was no wind. It was quiet, solemn, peaceful. I was not bothered by having to brush off my vehicle or drive through slush and snow. I had half a mind to make a snowman or snow angel or catch flakes on my tongue as I walked to the office door. This snow did not bother the spring senses; rather, it made me smile.

I woke to a winter wonderland today.

It’s the fifth day of spring.

On another day or perhaps another year,

I might have been pressed to drink.

But I found it exceptionally beautiful,

in the wet and heavy flakes of snow.

You may say I’m crazy or that I’ve gone mad,

Guilty, I raise my hand, you know.

Guilty, I raise my hand.

13 responses to Beautifully Guilty

  1. Dan Antion says:

    Beautiful words Mary. We had the winter you missed. I may not be as happy to see more snow, but I’m glad you could enjoy the morning.

  2. joannesisco says:

    I’ve had my fill of snow this winter. I simply can’t get excited by the thought of any more of the white stuff. Blech.

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