Cat Scrabble Crossword

~Guest Post from The Gray One~

She doesn’t know this, but I have been in secret training to challenge the human to a marathon Scrabble match. Winner takes all. (I have yet to figure out what “all” means, except that the human will succumb to my demands when I win.) Ziva has not been involved in training, as she prefers to nap her lazy lump into oblivion. Therefore, I must train alone and strategize against the female who knows how to use the letter “Q” in a triple word score.

During recent training, I managed an entire game of Scrabble using cat words and terms. I rock! I did such a good job that I turned the Scrabble board into a rough-like-my-tongue crossword puzzle (because my inquisitive mind loves puzzles). I hope you will be enticed to solve part or all of this puzzle in preparedness for a Scrabble challenge with your cat or dog (easy win) or fellow human. I filled in some of the letters because I’m also a fan of Wheel of Fortune. If I were a human male, I’d be in love with Vanna.

The answers will be posted in a day or two.

PS: Do not use felt marker or ballpoint pen on your computer screen.

Cat Cross 2 photo
If this is hard to look at because you don’t have my keen feline vision, you can click on the following link for a human Word version that is easy to read: Cat Cross 2


  1. Queen Ziva tells me she’s part of this group of crowned heads
  2. What all respectable felines wear to bed
  3. The activity that Ziva engages in for 20 hours of the day
  4. Me plus a rodent
  5. My most distinguished feature. No, it’s not the beautiful line of my backside.
  6. You see them in the snow or in the litter box or in the dusty film on the hood of your car.
  7. Fancy word for a cat
  8. It’s the thing we have too much of. They are scattered on the floor and sometimes hide between the sheets of the human’s bed
  9. I’m not telling. You can guess.
  10. One of those baby rug rats. Disgusting.
  11. What Ziva and I engage in when we argue over the nip.
  12. What humans hear when we talk
  13. My hair or the appliance repairman’s navel
  14. It’s what I am in my primal state, especially when birds are near
  15. Nope, it wasn’t the cat


  1. It has not killed me yet, I have more questions
  2. Ziva can tell how fat she is with these and if she’ll fit through the door
  3. The lion, tiger, leopard. This is who they are to me, the domestic cat
  4. I will stab you and the couch with these lovelies
  5. I have used two of these so far. Human has threatened to take another one if I keep waking her up at 4 am for food.
  6. You do this to bread and Ziva draws blood as she does this on your leg
  7. I mentioned this critter a few clues up. You can guess.
  8. Telling someone a super duper secret when you’re not supposed to – like telling the human that her cat is in Scrabble training when you really need to shut up.
  9. Youth canth taughk too well cuth I got holdth of thumthing
  10. He grins and grins and grins and grins
  11. What Ziva and I do when the big yellow obelisk is shining through the windows
  12. Their oval-ness can see in the dark
  13. Alternative spelling of flawless
  14. Sheldon and Penny sing this song (for fans of the Big Bang Theory)
  15. If I’m on this, it’s summertime and my paws are burning
  16. Well, kitty poo, I duplicated 12 down. Duh. Oh well, easy one for you
  17. What is present in cats when they face down the odds, much like a human. For instance, when Natasha catches me up on the counter, I must find this in order to make my escape.
  18. What Ziva does to the human every time the human clips her nails
  19. Four across, without the cat

Thanks for playing! I can see I have much work to do in spelling out single words on the Scrabble board and formulating a crossword puzzle that actually looks like a crossword puzzle. Which means, I must return to my training. Smell you later.

Love and Purrs, Gibbs


11 responses to Cat Scrabble Crossword

  1. M-R says:

    You sadistic bugger !!!! – this is going to take me most of the rest of my life, and I have so many ridiculous and boring things I must do …

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I know. I even have a hard time focusing. I told Gibbs not everyone can see like him, but he’s a stubborn one.

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