The Crinkle and the Nip

I ran into Walgreen’s to buy dish gloves.

On the end of the aisle, my eyes were drawn to a long, brown, furry toy that crinkled and squeaked. It was a dog toy and it was perfect…

for a cat.

Gibbs and Misc 022

Natasha discovered some time ago that Gibbs loves the crinkly plastic that packagers use around jars and boxes and whatever product it helps seal. He comes running when he hears the noise, much like Pavlov’s Dog salivating at the sound of a buzzer. Natasha calls the crinkly plastic “kitty crack.” The issue with the plastic is that Gibbs wants to sink his teeth into it and chew and would probably eat it if we let him. We dare not leave him alone with the focus of his desire.

When I saw the dog toy and heard the noise it made, I was excited at the prospect of a safe crinkly toy for Gibbs. When I brought it home and showed Natasha, she immediately said, “Go rub some catnip on it!”

So I did.

Ziva barged in first, for a few minutes of rolling in the “nip,” and then Gibbs pushed Ziva out of the way and got his paws on the crinkly creature.

Gibbs and Misc 029

He loved it!

For about 10 minutes.

Then Gibbs had to take a nap and eat before he came back for more.

Another 10 minutes of play, then his eyes glazed over and Gibbs laid spent and motionless.

Gibbs and Misc 031

Because that is what happens after the crinkle and the nip.


19 responses to The Crinkle and the Nip

      • Carol says:

        Well, Gibbs, since you’re asking 🙂 I wouldn’t mind one of those toys for myself! The furry beasts would probably steal it though.

      • bikerchick57 says:

        You need to go buy dish gloves at Walgreens. And let your furry beasts have whatever they want.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      If I find a pipe cleaner toy, I’ll let you know. Cats are like kids – they can make anything into a toy…like straws and Q-tips. I used to have a cat that would play fetch with the latter two and would actually bring them back to me. I can get Gibbs to run after his toys, but he never brings them back.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      They are hilarious when under the influence. I love how they roll around in it, like they’re rubbing chicken grease on themselves. It’s too funny.

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