Punctual Faces


A co-worker and I exchanged texts recently:

K: Hi Mary, I’m staying home today…I have laryngitis.

Me: Feel better and quit yelling at your husband!

K: Yeah, now I have to use poster board and markers to yell at him!

Me: Use capital letters and lots of exclamation marks!!!

Oddly enough, I didn’t reply with a face B-)

That’s unusual 😮

But I did punctuate!!!

I’m a serial face :-/maker and punctuat*r

I can’t help myself

Know what I mean? 😉

My favorite face is :-p

I use it extensively :-p :-p :-p :-p :-p

Sometimes I comment on other blog posts & do this:

Or this

Funny, right? 😀

What do you mean, it’s not? 😡

Well, I still you!

Because you didn’t make me cry 😥

That would have been the devil’s work. 3:)


I have to get back to work 😦

The boss expects results 😐

The cats expect food ^-^

(I made that last one up…cat ears)

And I’ve run out of punctual f@ces


PS: You have my permission to comment with a face or two, lots of punctuation, or a dancing banana. 

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