A Month of Warm Fuzzies



As I let the medium red, copper brown dye overtake the grays on my head, I have a few minutes to ponder the month of December.

It has been one of the best holiday seasons I have experienced – filled with elves and children, friends and family, shopping and eating, and celebrating the reason for the season (not Santa, but he’s cool too). I have loved every minute, on par with childhood memories of Christmas Eve mass and shaking wrapped presents when mom and dad were out of the vicinity.

From the cookie baking extravaganza weekend,

to the elves in the hallway project,

the snore of a sleeping Queen under the branches of a Christmas tree,

and the excitement of a carpeted tree that she and her roommate can climb,

the month was exceptional.

I have been blessed.

The crux of this month has been people, lovely people – family, friends, strangers and even a fellow blogger (it was so wonderful to finally meet you, Andra, and Mr. MTM).

Natasha is a little kid in a grown-up body when it comes to Christmas. She wraps herself in the season with song and a red hat. She gave me one of the best gifts of all this year – someone who embraces the spirit of the season and never says the word “humbug” other than when the last of the gingerbread cookies are gone. I thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent on decorations and making the season bright. Natasha rocks Christmas.

As does Red for her cat tree, and my brother, who had me almost off my chair with unexpected generosity.

As does the two girls who lived downstairs, who believe in Santa with all of their hearts, and the parents who invited us to a Christmas concert and a present-opening ceremony.  This time is for children, for their broad smiles, eyes of wonder and screams of delight.

As does the little church community that I call my own, for their undying generosity toward people who need it most.

As does the co-workers who helped with office decorations and the never-ending supply of sugar and bad carbs for two weeks.

As does the reason for the season (again, not Santa 😉 )

As I prepare for a frigid night out on New Year’s Eve (I wonder if sparkly long underwear exists), and with intentions of laying around on New Year’s Day with friends and a feast of black-eyed peas, corn fritter casserole and shrimp, I look with great fondness to the warm fuzzies of December and everyone who made it great. Thank you from the bottom of my toes to the last gray hair on my head.

And remember, people…

new year 2015

(Sorry, Suzie, I couldn’t resist grabbing this from your post. Live long and prosper.)

23 responses to A Month of Warm Fuzzies

  1. The Chaos Realm says:

    excepting the fuzzy tribble variety 🙂 Happy New Year!

  2. Wow, one blogger quotes Gandalf and now a Star Trek meme. The blogosphere is where I find my people.

    Wishing you much warmth through the winter, M-J. As Picard would say, “Make it snow.” (Did I get that right?)

      • bikerchick57 says:

        Yes please. It was 15 deg F with a wind chill last evening, which is probably -100 celsius…right 😉

      • Close enough. Minus anything is all just the same temperature to me anyway – too bloody cold.
        Okay, will shoo some sweltering heat your way over the next couple of days (38 deg tomorrow…er… [looks at clock]…today).

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Same to you Lottie. Happy New Year to you, the Irishman and Mr. Snout. May you all have a very blessed year!

  3. LB says:

    What an absolutely lovely post! Your happiness and contentment rings clear.
    May you have much more of this same joy in the new year!

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