Twinkling Mischief

It appears that I have a few extra minutes to rectify the shortcomings of a fuzzy reblog for this week’s photo challenge.

From Christmas, 2013 – A twinkling tree of red and gold, plus a little mischief.


Any guesses why the ornament was purchased? (Hint: One word, five letters, starts with G)



19 responses to Twinkling Mischief

  1. loisajay says:

    haha! Hmm-mm. Would this be the cohort of the ever-lovely Queen Ziva? Best ornament on the tree!

  2. la_lasciata says:

    Erhmm … lemme think.
    Grass ? – nope. Gases ? – nope. Glass ! – nope. [more thinking …]
    I HAVE IT !!! – GIBBS !!!!!!!!!!

      • la_lasciata says:

        OH GOODY !!!
        M-J, just wait till I get the latest Lui present some time in this coming week, and photograph it. I should like to say I’ll photograph him on it, but he will probably ignore it for three months …

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