It’s Cookie Baking Time!

I don’t usually reblog my own posts, but here goes. I thought it appropriate since I just spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday baking seven different cookie recipes; running to the store every day for missing ingredients; and doing dishes until I puke. New this year in the cookie artillery is a lemon crinkle recipe that is extremely messy, but only requires four ingredients: Lemon cake mix, one egg, an 8 oz container of Cool Whip, and powdered sugar. They are extremely yummy and I shall be making them again next year. Give me anything with lemon and I’ll love you forever! Anyhow, if you enjoy baking and have a favorite cookie recipe (holiday or otherwise), feel free to post a link to it in the comments. I’ll start…

Mary J Melange


Today begins Cookie Baking Extravaganza week! WooHoo!

I have started baking Christmas cookies for my friends and family (and a few for myself). Today’s blog post is merely a break in the action (my back needs a rest).

It’s an annual event that I start in early December so that I have time to get the cookie varieties packaged in tins and a couple of boxes sent to my brother and his girlfriend.

Today, I passed on church in favor of an early morning swim and a start on the “let’s throw flour everywhere” process.

Last year, I tried a few new recipes. Only one deserved a repeat performance. The remainder of my baking set list returns to the annual favorites – those that always get the “thumbs up,” the cookies that are “expected”.

Chocolate Crinkles… (it’s chocolate!)

Outrageous Peanut Butter/Oatmeal/Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies… (Good-for-you ingredients)

Date Bars

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16 responses to It’s Cookie Baking Time!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Energy? I pretty much willed myself through this…and drank plenty of coffee. Happy holidays to you too,Judy!

  1. la_lasciata says:

    I am prepared to like it on account of extreme yumminess, not because I have the slightest intention of doing anything about it ! 😀

  2. I for one am delighted that you re-blogged this – those cookies look wonderful and calorie free, too, right? Pixels don’t have colories. Which I think is the best policy for me this Christmas. All the best to you and your household this season!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      No, pixels don’t have calories. Unfortunately, the pixels are within easy reach for me and I am ready to steal one…

  3. Oh my goodness, where can I place my order? 🙂 This is the first year I’m actually baking instead of rolling out the cookie dough log. The outrageous peanut butter cookie sounds awesome!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Here’s the recipe:
      Hints: Use butter! If you are at all health conscious, you can easily substitute the stevia/sugar mix for the white sugar or replace the brown sugar with coconut sugar. I use Krema natural peanut butter and Ghirardelli or a good 60% or higher chocolate chip. Don’t skimp on the ingredients and they will come out absolutely delicious!

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