Never Forget the Summer

In this week’s photo challenge, show us what “gone, but not forgotten” means to you.

Family Etc 037

Never forget the summer.

It’s memory is dear –

biking, hiking, communing with nature.

Picnics in the park, flowers on the balcony.

The smell of grass and the glow of campfires,

light up the soul and the landscape.

Family Etc 034

The season warms the heart

and makes us angrily sweat,

then leaves in the blink of an eye.

Never forget the summer,


lest you LOVE winter.

11 responses to Never Forget the Summer

  1. la_lasciata says:

    Oh, you guys …! You all live in a dream of summer, doncha ?

      • la_lasciata says:

        But, M-J … it’s only just begun !!!
        This does not augur well …

      • bikerchick57 says:

        I really can’t complain as the weather has improved here. I just miss riding my bike.

      • la_lasciata says:

        I’ll allow you to miss you bike … {grin}

  2. ericrynne says:

    What a beautiful sight to be seen. I run a picnic planning company in the San Francisco Bay Area and always thought how cool it would be to have a lake near by that we can offer water ski rides to clients. That would mean I would have to buy a boat for the company. O DARN, TAX WRITE OFF. lol

    • bikerchick57 says:

      What a great company – picnic planning. I would love to work for you! 😉 You are looking at Lake Michigan, a view from one of our state parks. It’s about two hours from where I live. However, we do have Lake Winnebago and the Fox River nearby, which makes it easy for local boaters and water skiing.

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