Soft Pads in the Snow

Footprints 006

He beckons to go out

Placing soft pads and retracted claws on window



Okay, out you go, gray moggie

Out into the lengths of snow

That covers three-fourths of the patio

He exits and stops short of the white edge

Sitting on the brown



Questioning his next move

And then the soft pad tests the white

A nano second passes

And the soft pad quickly retracts



A decision is soon made

The soft pad finds ground again and stays

Confusion turns to exploration

The other soft pad joins in

He moves forward

Into the layers of wet, white snow



What is this?

He becomes born again, kitten anew

Digging, pawing, moving snow

The soft pads and legs in motion

Until he is finished

The gray one turns, eyes on her

Look! See what I’ve done!

Footprints 004



It’s the rough draft of a heavenly creature

A first snow angel

A first foray into snow, never to be the last

Moggie takes a final look

And places soft pads and retracted claws on window

He beckons to come in

After all,

It’s kind of cold out there


16 responses to Soft Pads in the Snow

    • bikerchick57 says:

      I thought so too, but he surprised me. The problem is now he wants to go outside all the time. He’s turning into a winter cat!

  1. M-R says:

    While I am somewhat miffed to see so little of him, I remain amazed and impressed by the poem. And also by that wonderful last frame !!! {grin}

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