Sunset Moon

Glorious in the sky, the moon appeared.

Sunset Moon 009

The winds from earlier in the day had softened.

After a tiring day at the office, the rectangular track around the apartment complex summoned a pair of sneakers.

Saucony, size 9.


Around the buildings I walked.

While the sun set.

Sunset Moon 004

I’m really not fond of the “buy this piece of property” sign that adorns the field.

This would have been a prettier photo without it.


The nostrils tingle from the cold. It’s about 47 degrees.

I attempt to clear my mind.

Lap 1 is done and the neighbor says “hello.”

He had a cold day at work, outside, in the wind.

Sunset Moon 011

The moon shines bright, not quite full.

Sky begins to darken around me.

Silence hides with the sound of passing cars and a bum knee crunching.

I hit the home stretch of lap 2.

I would keep going, except I see the door to dinner and warmth.

I wonder what’s for supper.

Chicken and roasted brussel sprouts sound good.



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