One More Day

It’s been a busy week.

It’s been a long Thursday.

But soon, my fellow ghouls, the fun will begin.

One more day…

and the mask goes on,

the costume goes on,

and special, sparkly, feathery shoes provide adornment to the feet.

october stuff 005


Scary Halloween photos to follow,

perhaps one of the scary snow that is forecast,

or the wind blowing the skirt up around my ears.

Wouldn’t THAT be frightening!?

17 responses to One More Day

  1. M-R says:

    I love that you love it so much, M-J ! 😀
    All adults should get your fun out of stuff like this !

  2. The Boys get to dress up for a Halloween party tonight. They’re going with a Frankenstein theme – one mad scientist, one monster and one Igor. 😀
    I am unable to join in the fun as I have a social row (a term a friend insists is an oxymoron) followed by an Oktoberfest night at the rowing club. Because, you know, we celebrate it in October. 😛
    Have fun! Can’t wait for the photos. (And, for your sake, I’ll hope for no snow.)

  3. Have tons of fun! I’ll be helping my daughter an son-in-law move tomorrow and probably won’t dress up for the first time ever. We’re taking a break from working during trick-or-treat to pass out candy and eat dinner! Enjoy yourself! I’ll look forward to your pictures.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Yes, I’ll be around. My brother is visiting for Christmas, but he will probably be gone by then. Let’s try to get together as long as we are not having a snowstorm or a polar vortex. BTW, do you have my current address to send your book? I don’t remember if I ever shared that with you.

      • I sent it to what i had. Message me so that i can make sure it’s current. I hope they will forward it.

      • bikerchick57 says:

        I’ll text you. I can’t access your blog or my email from work. It will get forwarded for a year after moving, so we should be good.

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