She has been chopped!


Halloween 2012 

She was far too cute to stand next to the Viking Warrior Princess.

How dare she?

The little vixen fairy had to be chopped.

The Viking Warrior Princess rules.

That is all.


12 responses to She has been chopped!

  1. M-R says:

    And she didn’t even look a mite anxious ! [grin]
    Ehmm … I don’t suppose you would care to … ahh … elucidate somewhat, M-J me old china ?

  2. Ooh. You almost make me wish we had Halloween here. I mean properly, legitimately, rather than this “let’s pretend we’re all part of a Hollywood movie and we live in America” thing we seem to have got going in recent years.
    Loving the costume! I’d take Viking over Fairy any day. 🙂

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