Fluffy Feathers

Mask 004

Natasha, Red and I chose our costumes Sunday afternoon. We are thoroughly excited to play dress-up and prance and dance for All Hallows’ Eve.

What will I be?

What about the other two babes?

Will we harmonize?

Here are a few clues…

  • Yes, we will be incognito.
  • I may wear very opaque black stockings under a somewhat short dress.
  • Natasha and Red won’t need very opaque black stockings. (They will sport their cleavage.)
  • There may be additional feathers. Fluffy, colorful feathers.
  • There may be spiked and/or colored hair. I’m thinking purple…
  • There may be glamour and scary sexiness.
  • Yes, scary sexiness.


Any guesses?


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