Dreamy Gaze

Walking 007

A dreamy gaze falls upon my face.

It’s the 9th of October. The sky is the brightest baby blue and the sun’s rays send sparkles across the water.

I have landed in a dreamy place.

Walking 003

The lunchtime walk across the highway to the trestle bridge was a fabulous idea.

There is one other person behind me. I have this place mostly to myself.

It is unlike summer, the quiet creates a calm that defies one’s stress.

Walking 005

I want to sit, to stay, to soak up the warmth of a 55ish fall sun.

To toss aside a return to work for a meditative nap.

To partake of a dream inspired by a dreamy setting.

8 responses to Dreamy Gaze

  1. M-R says:

    You get the mood across just fine, M-J … my intolerance lies in the DP ‘challenge’. Sighh … They could mostly be so much better. :-}

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Yes, I know. Some weeks, I could be challenged just a bit more. But this week, I was fine with something fairly easy…I didn’t have to think too much!

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