Persistence or Luck?

Perseverance, persistence, determination, resolution, resolve, grit.

Or luck.

Flower 003

I bought mom a potted Gerbera daisy plant in 2013. I don’t remember when – it may have been Mother’s Day or her birthday or “just because.” When it stopped flowering, mom asked me to take it away. I didn’t have the heart to throw the daisy in the trash, but couldn’t keep it in the apartment due to the felines. I took the little plant to work, and kept watering the pathetic creature. It’s been pathetic most of the time – half of the Gerbera leaves died over time and if I would forget to water the daisy in a timely manner, it wilted as though on death’s door. I was THIS close (my thumb and forefinger are a half centimeter apart) to putting the poor daisy out of its misery more than once. THIS close.

I’m so happy that I pardoned Gerbera and kept on giving her liquid life. The persistence paid off.

Flower 005

Or it was just plain luck.

12 responses to Persistence or Luck?

  1. loisajay says:

    That is not luck! That is the darn best green thumb ever! Two thumbs up for your over here! It is beautiful, Mary.

  2. As someone with a khaki thumb, I am always amazed at the persistence of plants to survive and thrive despite me. What a strong, cheery little plant you have there!

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