The Non-Laborious Weekend

It’s Labor Day here in the USA. It’s my special day and also the special day of everyone who has ever earned a paycheck.

I am about to embark on a picnic with the lovely neighbors in the apartment building. Food, laughs, more food and more laughs will end the three-day holiday. It’s the unofficial goodbye to summer, when the kiddies go back to school and the change in weather brings crisp fall days and the ripening of pumpkins.

The weather this weekend has not been fabulous. It threatened rain all day Saturday and it has been raining today, although we currently have a break in the clouds. Sunday was the good day, with clouds giving way to sun by noon. Natasha and I headed to yet another bike trail, this time the Wild Goose State Trail. Mostly tree-lined and covered, we crossed several bridges, came upon a few tractor crossings and wooden benches, passed a few areas of civilization and took several breaks before the 22-mile trip was over.

Photos tell the rest of the story…

Wild Goose Trail 007 Wild Goose Trail 009 Wild Goose Trail 012 Wild Goose Trail 014 Wild Goose Trail 015 Wild Goose Trail 016

 Yes, a tractor actually crossed our path…

4 responses to The Non-Laborious Weekend

  1. Another lovely bike path.
    How terribly organised you all are to coincide the end of summer with a public holiday and going back to school. Our kids go back at the start of the hottest month of the year. We’re tough like that….

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Organized? OK, if you want to call it that. I’m still holding out for summer…I want another month of summer!

  2. M-R says:

    Really nice post, M-J; and please tell Natasha I’d give quids to find someone who’d cut my hair like that ! (Also, she has a nice smile.)
    Tell yourself summer ain’t over till the 22nd; it’ll make you feel a wee bit better. 😀

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