Mom, 95

Mom and Dad Wedding Day

She was born August 6, 1919.

The youngest daughter of 13 children.

A beautiful bride in November, 1954.

Mother to two bratty kids who are now two bratty adults.

Living life one day at a time.

Happy 95th Birthday Mom!


23 responses to Mom, 95

  1. quarksire says:

    wow yeah happy birthday to mom ,,,so very very kewl to me it is 🙂 yep yep 🙂 wish i could live to be 95 🙂 really i do 🙂 very kewl 🙂 frum da’ Q

      • quarksire says:

        hehe that’d be kewl but i will pop sooner than i want cuza my kidney disease{ADPKD}, it jest is what it is 😦 wewrkin on extendin it i am every day jest a bit more one day at a time “1DAAT” but no one on my dads side has made it past 63…so we shall see 🙂 till then i shall ryde an fly every chance i get 🙂 ThanQ fer ur blessingz my dear Mary J 🙂

  2. M-R says:

    I never realized she was that age, M-J: I tend to think of you as being half mine …

    • bikerchick57 says:

      That’s because mom and dad married when they were in their late 30’s and then they had my brother first. So, they were not spring chickens as parents. Dad was 40 when I was born, mom 38.

      • M-R says:

        Ah, that does certainly explain it. Means you could easily be A THIRD my age – A QUARTER !!!

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