Yes, I Am Jealous Of The Fourth Of July

Here’s an Australian history lesson related to the Fourth of July. I can assuredly say that we all love our own heritage and the people of our country, despite the actions of our politicans and others who may push aside the concept of independence.

Master of Something I'm Yet To Discover

Me, aged about 10 months (Lexington, KY)

Today is the Fourth of July, American Independence Day.

I’m not American. The photo above was taken when we spent a year of my earliest life living in Kentucky. I spoke my first words with an American accent.

Australians know all about Independence Day. It figures prominently in Hollywood and every US television series from Leave It To Beaver to The Wonder Years to Modern Family has had at least one Fourth of July themed episode (or so it seems).

In some ways, I envy the USA and the passion they hold for their national day. Along with their Northern cousins, they celebrate a day they became a nation in their own right, whether through war and bloodshed or, as my Canadian friend joannesisco put it, by asking β€œour British Motherland for permissionβ€œ.

I also envy them their flags, unique to…

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2 responses to Yes, I Am Jealous Of The Fourth Of July

  1. Thanks for the great post. Even though our country has it’s ups and downs we still celebrate our birthday with great patriotism and love!

    Also, we didn’t ask Britian for permission to be free – we beat the crap out of them for it!

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