My Life In Piles

I can so relate. Perhaps the Master needs my help with sorting out her life?

Master of Something I'm Yet To Discover

“Chaos does not mean total disorder. Chaos means a multiplicity of possibilities. Chaos is from the ancient Greek word that means a thing that is birthed from the void. And it was about that which is possible, not about disorder.”
– Jok Church

I’ve been following a blogger who is currently in the process of moving house. I read her accounts of sorting and packing her things with a sense of admiration and dread (that I might have to move house myself one day). You see, my house is chaos. There’s so much stuff, I think it might just be easier to live here until I die and leave it to the kids to worry about.

It’s not like I’m about to appear on an episode of Hoarders Anonymous. Or Hoarders No Longer Anonymous Now They’ve Been Publicly Shamed On National TV. I do clean. And there are significant pieces…

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1 response to My Life In Piles

  1. I feel you on this. Our apartment here in NYC is starting to look like a Hoarders episode. We know we need toso some serious spring cleaning but dread it. We have piles of stuff all around and I’m getting sick of it.

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