The Quest

I had an idea.

Well, actually, Natasha and I had an idea: Let’s share an apartment/flat/duplex/something!

Cat Idea 1

What were we thinking?


Oh yeah – we thought we would save on rent and utilities; go for walks without having to drive to each other’s place; engage in mini Iron Chef nights; have Star Trek and NCIS marathons; engage in discussions about cat hair; and sit on the patio on a hot summer’s night, watching the flowers grow.

Cat Idea 3


It’s tiring, though. I finally had what I considered a “good night’s sleep,” but it doesn’t preclude the body and mind from aching in spite of the rest. I have had no need to use the stairmaster at the gym this past week.

A major trip to the laundromat being completed, I now face the task of cleaning the oven, sorting through the fridge and freezer and taking another load to the new place. I continue to wonder how I crammed so much crap many lovely items into such a little space. Am I a pack rat? A hoarder? Do I have a disturbing fetish for clothes and shoes and bright shiny things? I worry just a little if the “kids” will be okay with their new place, even though it offers a better view to numerous birds, sensory experiences of a human kind, and new troubles to find. They continue to look at me with those “what the heck are you doing?” eyes. I keep telling them it’s okay, I’m not sending them back to the shelter.

But I digress. There is work to be done, chores and the remaining crap lovely items in my apartment to conquer.

So, off I go…

Cat Idea 2

…to slay the moving dragon. I will leave the red dot for Gibbs and Ziva.

16 responses to The Quest

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Oh yes, Lois. I know about Monday! I am getting quite a bit under control today, so it may be an easy day for once.

  1. M-R says:

    Love those kitty pic.s, Mary-Jean. Hang in there, me old china – it will be over ere long, I promise. 🙂
    Just keep telling us about it – I’m sure it helps ! 🙂

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Well, M-R, this is going to be it for awhile. Probably no more posts (maybe) until I’m completely moved and the computer is set up. Then I will whine/whinge about the UNPACKING of the boxes. :-p

      • M-R says:

        Of course ! – I look forward to it, I can tell you now ! 😀

  2. ksfinblog says:

    Ah … I simply get all hyper when packing……. when I finish i fall down and refuse to move for two days…

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Refuse to move for two days? Oh, I wish I would have picked that option, but unfortunately it’s back to work for me!

      • ksfinblog says:

        pick Friday or a bunch of holidays for the move……… you get a respite coz its tough and tiring

  3. As I look around my house full of crap lovely items, the thought of moving gives me heart palpitations. So I’ve decided I’m going to die in this house and leave my kids to deal with my crap lovely items. Here’s your inheritance, kids!

    You have my eternal admiration for your undertaking. May you be ever granted a crap-free life.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      LOL! Your poor kids! I don’t think my life will ever be crap free, just because I like those bright shiny things. We’ll see how it goes when the moving honeymoon wears off and I’m back to my normal self. 😉

      • Meh. The way things are going in my country with the deregulation of higher education fees and the lack of affordable housing, by the time I die they’ll probably still be living in my house anyway.

  4. Moving sucks. Hope we never have to do it. At least for a long time. I still don’t know how we crammed all this stuff in our NYC apartment.

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