I Came. I Saw. I READ.

Food for thought from Andra Watkins and the Washington Post. Very interesting. The challenge is to click on the link to the Post article and read through in its entirety without skimming or looking at ads for pretty sandals.

The Accidental Cootchie Mama

I read an article in the Washington Post recently. Reading Is Different Online Than Off. Seriously. Click on the link.

I’ll wait.

Okay. Now that you’re back, let’s discuss.

Because I’m alarmed at the number of people who’ve said things like this to me lately:

Your book is the first book I’ve read in, like, FOREVER.

I feel guilty when I take time to read. It’s like I’m not really DOING anything.

My crazy life……if I have to choose between reading and sleep…….well, I choose sleep.

I’m a reader. Before I’m a writer. Or a friend. Or even, at times, a wife (as MTM will attest when he begs me to put my book down so that we can have COFFEE in bed.)

Several months ago, I became alarmed at my own reading habits. How I couldn’t get through a chapter without clicking onto social media or checking email. That…

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3 responses to I Came. I Saw. I READ.

  1. M-R says:

    It’s already happened to me, but I could’ve sworn I’m not one of those people written about. 😦
    I’ve lost the ability to read books. Instead, I listen to audiobooks.
    I can see through this post, M-J, that I’m not going bonkers; it’s a comparatively common problem; but I’m not a social networking person, as you know. However, it does seem to be linked to the time that I’ve been blogging … I think. In truth, I don’t know. Maybe it’s since I started listening to audiobooks.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Not sure, M-R, but in my case I believe it’s also a case of having a busy life. Not enough hours in the day. I swear, when I’m done with moving and acting and everything else that will happen the next few months, I am going to get back to reading books in regularity and writing really long posts on my blog, so you can practice your attentive reading skills. 😉

      • M-R says:

        Now that WOULD be a help; because I fear motivation is lacking …

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