Benching Myself

Life 011

I’m feeling a little lopsided. It’s the crush of too much fun all at once…

like learning lines (Pardon? Oh yes, smashing!);

squeezing in pool time and yoga,

and learning lines (For heaven’s sake, someone stop her!);

an expected visit from brother,

which means severe house cleaning

and ridding the couch of cat hair,

and learning lines (Darling, whatever did you do?),

and there’s the job and looking for an apartment,

and learning lines (Well, whatever you do, don’t make a bloody scene.)

There’s not much time for anything else,

except to eat, sleep, go to work,

and learn lines (get…me..another…damned…drink);

Life 009

So, I’m benching myself from blogging this week.

I may read a bit, I may re-blog, but no writing.

Not until after Easter, when I come off the usual sugar-induced jelly bean coma,

and I learn lines (Put that thing down at once!)





23 responses to Benching Myself

  1. M-R says:

    ROTSA RUCK, me old mate ! It’s absolutely super that you’re enjoying this so much: and why not, for hevving’s sake ? – you’re a performer from ‘way back, one can tell from your writing. πŸ˜€

  2. loisajay says:

    so excited for you! Yes, take a break. Good luck with the cat hair thing. We’ll meet for the damned drink. Break legs, my dear! πŸ™‚

  3. Liz says:

    I would love to sit on that bench and reflect on my life….

  4. We all need a break from blogging at times – I know I do!! Enjoy your time off, you’ve got lots of exciting stuff going on in your life to deal with at the moment. I love that slanted photo with the red bench, by the way! Celeste πŸ™‚

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks Celeste. The photo was taken in a park that is not too far from my office…within walking distance at lunch.

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