The First Read-Through

Life 019

I told the small group of men that if anything goes wrong, it’s Natasha’s fault. She dragged me into this.

Thursday evening was the first read-through of the murder mystery/dinner theatre/bachelorette party/improv madness into which I’ve been thrown. Well, I guess I did say, “Okay, I’ll do it,” without too much of a twisting arm. It was Natasha’s encouraging words (“You’ll have fun! You’re funny! You have good comedic timing! You can do it!”) that inspired me to drag both feet out of the zone of comfort. Additional help came in the form of another friend, who said “What fun!” and the boss I admire, who declared, “I can totally see you doing that.” Suddenly and without reason, I was excited to just do it. Kind of tingly, actually.

Natasha and I were handed the script. Our host gave a briefing of the story. Discussion of props, a note about the bride-to-be, and our character assignments followed.

I am Lady Luna Cee.

Luna Cee.

In between an over-the-top craziness at the office, mom stuff, and searching for a new place to live, I am now a thespian named Luna Cee. Appropriate. I also have quite a few lines. I remember Natasha dismissing my fear of forgetting lines by saying, “Oh, I think our characters are only in the second half of the show.” Wrong! Aristocratic Lady Luna is in both acts. As soon as I am done typing this nonsense, I will be retreating to the couch with the script, hoping that my recall is better than I recall.

I also have to speak with a British accent…like the Queen of England or Barbara Woodhouse or Eric Idle in a dress. Smashing.

I have a bit of work and studying to do.

I found myself truly enjoying the read-through as it progressed, becoming more and more comfortable as the pages of the script turned and Luna Cee’s role was defined. Reading through a second time, with a pizza break and blocking, gave the story life. The living room was our stage and we moved with screams and gunshots and coffee. (I am the screamer and the “other woman”, having an affair with the handsome Baron. Mother would be proud.) It was toward the end of the second read-through that I realized why Natasha had been involved in community theatre for 30 years. It’s fun. A car load of fun. During the coming weeks, as we learn lines (pray or shake your chicken bones for my memorization brain cells, please), I can bet the fun will continue.

The troupe meets again in two weeks. Along with practice, there will be costuming. I’ve been told I will be wearing a long, fancy dress, plenty of gaudy jewelry and a tiara.

What? A tiara?

A friggin’ tiara!

Splendid. The dog’s bollocks, I do say.

It’s all Natasha’s fault. Natasha rocks.

(Stay tuned…you can count on updates to this story.)




10 responses to The First Read-Through

  1. loisajay says:

    I have been wondering how this was coming along–I love it! Monty Python in drag. Oh, yes–definitely fun. I cannot wait to hear about costume night. 🙂

  2. M-R says:

    F-f-f-f-f-fabulous !!! It sounds so YOU, M-J – load of fun, and everyone laughing and you wearing a tiara. I mean, what else ? I’m bloody jealous. Now I shall sit and sulk. 😀
    It’s only going to get better, you know.
    I am SO HAPPY for you. X !

  3. What fun! I’m currently cramming my brain with pages and pages of dialogue as a Police Inspector in an Agatha Christie play. You’ve no idea how many times I have to say “You’ve no idea…..”. Throw in the asking of pretty much the same question but in 6 different ways for each suspect and my brain has often crawled under its blankets and whimpered. But it’s all so much fun when the set is built and the costumes come out. Enjoy!!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      You’ve no idea how much I appreciate your comment. No, really. 😉 Enjoy the cramming and costumes dahling!

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