Walking, Walking, Walking…

That’s what author and fellow blogger Andra Watkins (a/k/a Accidental Cootchie Mama) has been doing since March 1st. Walking, walking, walking the 444 miles of the Natchez Trace. toliveforeverFifteen miles a day in all elements of wind and weather, while mom, dad, husband and friends joined her at various points of the journey. Andra was very close to giving up at one point, but found the courage and determination to carry on. Every day, the author of To Live Forever: The Afterlife Journey of Meriwether Lewis” carried on and answered reader questions (via video) on her blog page. (Andra was kind enough to give me 15 seconds of fame on the fourth day of her journey by saying my name and holding up a roll of toilet paper. I was honored.) Andra gave her readers a history lesson in the Natchez Trace and the travels of the Corps of Discovery, and shared the embarrassing tale of her dad’s “I Took a Crap” tour. Hilarious! There are a month’s worth of posts and questions answered if you need something to do while the pot roast cooks in the oven.

Andra’s journey ends on April 3rd, when she finds the 444 mile marker and holds court at a book signing in Nashville. I have never met Andra, and yet I am so damn proud of her. She would be the rock star heroine in my book – the girl who kicks ass and takes no prisoners.

Please visit Andra’s blog to give her a “two thumbs up”, a “rah-rah” or a congratulatory gush the size of a novelette. And read her book! This Cootchie Mama certainly deserves it.



9 responses to Walking, Walking, Walking…

  1. M-R says:

    You asked THAT ???? You maroon ! – of course she carries loo-paper !!!
    R O T F L !!!!!!

  2. librarylady says:

    Is she by herself except when family drops in???? I’d be terrified. I so admire people who can do things like that. I don’t even like camping. Interesting post.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Andra is dropped off around 9 am, walks 15 miles and then someone picks her up and takes her to a B&B for the night’s rest. Sometimes a friend or family member walks with her. I love camping, but I don’t think my body would ever accept that much walking.

      • librarylady says:

        Good, I’m so relieved, I had pictures of her out in a tent by herself somewhere. This sounds like a lot more fun. I could do the walking, I like that part. Especially if you were in an interesting place.

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