The Color of April

I went for a walk at noon on Monday. The temperature was 55 degrees.

Today, on Tuesday, the high is 35 degrees. Typical April, the roller coaster month of weather. The northern part of Wisconsin may get a snowstorm, 6-12″, starting Thursday night. Ouch!

The month of April is also shades of brown – grass that hasn’t turned green, dried leaves still clinging to the trees, and brown, muddy fields waiting for the seeds of corn and hay. I love April because it beckons new growth with its rain, but the colors of landscape are so boring! The former husband used to laugh at me when I would lament the browns of April (and November) and he would tease me with “but there are so many shades of brown…that’s color, right?”

“Oh shut up,” would be the reply.

I’ve since lightened up on the “April is too brown” lament and as I walked on Monday, I paid attention to color, texture, light and landscape. Found in the majority were the typical browns of April, followed up with a few crimson and green notes of new growth and an oddity here and there. Enjoy the walk.

Let’s start with a burgundy sign.

Spring Trail 012

I did not pass any horses, thank goodness, but a girl walking her dog asked if I happened to have a  baggie. It seems poochie pooped twice and she wasn’t prepared.

Along came the dark green of a pine, a rustic fence, a stripe of snow and a black-topped path. Onward and forward…

Spring Trail 002

Shades of brown on a tree caught my eye. I admire the leaves, although dead, for hanging on through the nasty winter.

Spring Trail 006

A non-babbling brook failed to babble.

Spring Trail 010

Don Quixote! Is that you?

Spring Trail 009

Leafless, vibrant crimson found among the browns. Rejoice!

Spring Trail 013

Look, mom! I see green grass! It’s green! Green grass!

Spring Trail 014

Could those shoes be any whiter? Quick, I need my sunglasses.

Spring Trail 016

Brown, green, water. Brown, green, water. Rinse. Repeat.

Spring Trail 020

Well, that’s cute and unexpected. I bet the dogs like it.

Spring Trail 019

And that’s it. Lunch time is over.

Walk is over.

The end.

18 responses to The Color of April

  1. loisajay says:

    That was a pleasant walk, Mary. I especially like the crimson amongst the brown. What is that? It is so pretty!

  2. I always forget how brown everything is on the East coast in early spring. Here in California it is green in the winter and brown in the summer.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      It felt odd to me when I was out in CA one December and everything was green. I’m used to white that time of year.

      • oh thats okay haha! Thanks for reading my incredibly short, rather uninteresting comment haha! Just kidding. But it was short. And uninteresting. Right?

      • bikerchick57 says:

        Better a short comment than no comment at all…I find them all, and the people behind them, very interesting.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      April and November are the “brown” months. I am glad it is over because it wasn’t a very nice month.

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