Temporarily Abandoned

It was not a good day for the echoes of children at play.

At least not here.

Trader Joe 010

The sounds of summer skin sticking to a sun-warmed slide are many months away,

as is the sound of a young boy’s mom telling him to “be careful!”

A parent’s presence on the adult swing is non-existent.

Trader Joe 012

Though impressions of winter footprints meander through the snow,

it’s been too cold for Johnny and Susie to be outside.

A snow squall makes matters worse.

Temporarily abandoned, the playground is motionless, quiet, without voice.

If this is not enough abandonment for you, click HERE.

16 responses to Temporarily Abandoned

  1. M. R. says:

    You always manage to come up with a new wrinkle on the topic, you clever woman! 🙂 Really well done…

      • M. R. says:

        That’s as may be … but no-one else manages to come up with a different slant, each time! 🙂

      • bikerchick57 says:

        I appreciate your compliment M-R. Must be my strange mind, enhanced by too much caffeine and sugar. :-p

  2. I hope the end of this is in sight, Mary. MTM’s mom is coming down to Mississippi next week to get away from it and help me.

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