15 responses to Threes: Sun, Shade, Fur

  1. M. R. says:

    It takes ’em roughly 3 seconds to turn a beautifully tidy just-made bed into one that looks as if you haven’t made it in weeks. But it sure is worth it, M-J! 😀

    • bikerchick57 says:

      You should have seen Gibbs. He was happy to tunnel under the blankets until he ended up at the foot of the bed and couldn’t figure how to get out. Mom had to help him. :-p

      • M. R. says:

        Awwww … de poor liddw ting … Not. Gibbs is a manipulator. Anyone as good-lookin as he is is allowed to be. 😀
        Have a look at the comment from L de Simone!

  2. I have plenty of fur at my house. My kitty prefers climbing under the covers, up the end of the freshly made bed. I always have a cat lump on my bed.

  3. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    No keeping a bed freshly made around those critters!

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