Silent White

Jodi 022

It starts with one flake

One flake becomes two

Two flakes are suddenly a hundred, then a thousand, then ten thousand

It silently adds

First in inches, then in feet

Snow falls and we do not hear

It is soft, wet, filled with a hush

But snow knows how to add

On top of vehicles

Jodi 020

Flakes silently coat

No one is inside to speak or turn the key

The snow coats the ground with a mute “hello”

And brings a stillness to the branches of trees

White wonderlandJodi 023

Lays quiet, peaceful

(unless you have to drive home in it)

Inside the car, the radio plays

The cell phone beeps

The driver sings

Outside, the wind blows taciturn snow

The flakes count in great numbers

Another inch

Onto the road, onto the windshield

Jodi 025

The driver wants to put a muzzle on it

Except that it is already reticent

The snow will not talk, it will simply fall

All the way home

The traffic hums slowly and follows tiring paths of white

The driver makes it home

Parks in the garage

And steps out into silence

Jodi 026

For additional quiet….Shhhhhhhh!

11 responses to Silent White

  1. M. R. says:

    That’s a really quiet piece of writing; and I’m typing as quietly as I can …

  2. I like to walk through trees when it’s snowing. It sort of makes noise that way. I love the poetry of all this quiet, Mary.

  3. litadoolan says:

    I love this. I can hear the snow fall silently if that makes sense. I know silent doesn’t make a sounds. But the act of softly falling is captured in the lines. Enjoy your snow. I am enjoying it from your words 🙂

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