Winter Selfie

Selfie 003 Selfie 001

It is the dress of winter…

…the puffy down coat that leaves a tiny white feather stuck to the purple pilled sweater. The co-worker delicately picks it off and hands it to me. I smile, knowing that another one will escape eventually while the majority hold court inside a few yards of black, wind-breaking fabric.

…the fur-lined hood that surrounds and protects exposed ears and skin from a biting wind. Mom always asks, “Where’s your hat?” and I always answer by throwing up the hood.  “See, mom, I’m covered!”

…the favorite fluffy scarf from the dollar store. It wraps around the jacket and neck, keeping said fur-lined hood securely in place and adding a layer of warmth where it’s needed most.

The eyes, the red glasses, the nose protrudes – pumping gas in the wind and cold – quickly retreating to the safety and warmth of the car.

The winter selfie is born.

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15 responses to Winter Selfie

  1. M. R. says:

    It’s clever,M-J … but … half a face? An eye and half a nose? S’pose it’s better’n nothing. 😐

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