The Beheading

The mouse is dead.

It has lost its head.

Dead Mouse 005

It lives to dangle no more.

The human asks…

“Ziva, my dear, what do you know of such a dastardly deed?”

Dead Mouse 009

Who? Me? (trying hard to act innocently)

I know nothing, that is my decree!

Well then, young man Gibbs,

what say you?

Dead Mouse 010


Dead Mouse 011


MmmmHmmm…I see…

You’re ignoring me.

No matter you two.

It doesn’t matter what you don’t say or do.

The mouse is dead.

Dead Mouse 008

It has lost its head.

A toy no more for you.

Coming soon: The gutting of a dangling fish.

17 responses to The Beheading

    • bikerchick57 says:

      The little poop would NOT look at me! But that is Ziva’s toy, so I can’t point to the true culprit. Oh well, on to the fish gutting…

  1. ravenira says:

    As a cat parent, I wish that I could relate. But my boy doesn’t like store bought toys. He much prefers the plastic rings that come off the milk jugs and the little plastic pieces I accidentally break off of my hair clips.

    • bikerchick57 says:

      LOL! I saw a picture caption on FB…a cat looking at a bucket of toys, saying that he had nothing to play with because there were no milk rings. My cats used to play with those too, until I stopped buying milk, and Ziva would just as soon have me dangle the string from one of my sweatshirts than a brand new toy. Too funny.

  2. astralla says:

    Gatti… Cats…. Piccole meravigliose tigri nascoste nel corpo di un peluche…wonderful little tigers hidden in the body of a stuffed toy…

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