Be Gone!


“Oh what tangled web I weave,

when first I practice to deceive” *

Said habit of gummy bears from thine own pledge,

that sugar shall touch less of mouth’s ledge

And, yet, thy sweet threat persists,

as Girl Scout cookie order form rests

on thy counter next to coffee urn

Shall I sign up or turn

and run?

My appendages reach out for yellow, orange and red

Committed pledge hast gone from thy head

Evil desire of thin mints be gone

and take thy gummy bear habit along!

(*Many thanks to Sir Walter Scott for inspiration)

14 responses to Be Gone!

  1. Joe says:

    Very cool Mary 😀 I have to run out to the store now because I’m longing for gummies.

      • Melissa Hollingsworth says:

        It takes but a mere suggestion… as I gaze longingly at the jar on the corner of my desk filled with jelly belly beans….

      • bikerchick57 says:

        I LOVE jelly bellies. Can’t have them anywhere near me, that’s worse than the gummy bears.

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