Football Sunday

Packers and Da Bears

Hey kids! It’s football Sunday!

The Big Game!

My beloved Green Bay Packers and Da Bears.

It’s a historic rivalry that goes back in time, way back.

The winner goes to the playoffs.

The loser goes home.

The game will be outside, in Chicago, with wind chill temps around 10 degrees.

While the Packers have not had the best season, with many injuries and times of sloppy play, the fans received a huge gift this week.


Dude! You’re back!

After spending half of the season on the sidelines, Aaron Rodgers is back on the field.

I hope Aaron has his best game ever.

I hope the Packers play with skill and tenacity.

I hope my team wins.

No….we WILL win.

It’s going to be smash mouth, ice cold football.

Cheeseheads united.


8 responses to Football Sunday

  1. LB says:

    I’m a Redskin fan by birth and long suffering fanaticism, but the Packers are more second team. Congrats!!!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      Thanks! I understand the long suffering fanaticism as Green Bay went through a 30 year drought. I can’t imagine ever returning to those days, but who knows. I sure hope your Redskins pull it together next year…I like RGIII.

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