Winter’s Gift

The last breath of a red sky from Saturday night. Sailor’s delight?

003 (2)

Nope, no sailing on Sunday.

The sun has been bright, but the temps are very cold (again) as shoppers run home with their presents dressed in four layers.

Which leads me to the title of this post.

Winter weather in the northern hemisphere can be a gift of breathtaking beauty, suitable for a postcard or two. Winter gets everyone in the holiday mood and encourages us to sing songs of Christmas and reindeer. Cold weather makes us hardy and helps to kill of some of those ghastly flu germs.  Winter gives us the gift of the first snowfall, snow angels, and ski trips with friends and family. We dream of a winter wonderland at Christmas and children laugh and scream in delight as they try out their new sled on the local hill. Winter gives local business the gift of sales of shovels, snow blowers, and ice fishing supplies. Without winter, we would not have the gift/excuse to buy the four-wheel drive vehicle we’ve always wanted or the gift of a day off from school and work. There are many gifts to find in winter, both good and not-so-good (winter driving anyone?).

This is one of a few not-so-good winter’s gifts.


Dry skin and cracked fingers.

In the dry winter, value of stock in Gold Bond lotion, Band-Aids, antibiotic cream, greasy hand lotion, Vaseline, and various other anti dry skin products increases due to my consistent, every-minute-of-the-day use. The other night, I went to bed with three fingers taped up and the antibiotic product attempting to ooze out onto the flannel sheets, not to mention the layer of lotion on almost every inch of my skin to prevent me from itching myself to sleep. I attempt to counteract with staying hydrated and reapplying lotion to my hands throughout the day, but I’m not always good at the latter. I get busy with life and simply forget about the greasy hand lotion or I remember to use it right before I have to wash my hands. My girlfriend recommended udder balm and white gloves at bedtime. That may be coming soon.

Dry skin is a gift that keeps on giving for four months. I’m never happy with it. I return the gift every year in April, but it keeps coming back every December, like a bad penny. I’m already longing for April since it’s not officially winter yet and I’ve used a 60 count box of Band-Aids and two bottles of lotion.

Not a good sign of what’s to come during the actual winter months.

I might have to give myself a winter’s gift of a trip to a warmer climate or a humidifier from Walgreens.

Readers, is there a winter’s gift that you desire?  Or a winter’s gift you’re itching to return?

I’ll let you think about it while I itch my way to the bathroom and the Gold Bond…

6 responses to Winter’s Gift

  1. When I was living in Albuquerque, the winters were so dry (summers too, actually) that I would get shocked from static electricity every time I would walk across a room and touched anything close to being metal or electrical. Light switches were my bain. I even got shocked on the chin from a telephone. I do not miss those winters.

  2. The Regular Guy NYC says:

    Every winter I need to stock up on lotion as my skin gets very dry, especially since I work out a lot. I love the winter buy the dry skin drives me nuts.

  3. LB says:

    I used to have a terrible time with cracked skin on my fingers from all the handwashing I do … but I finally found a product (Avon Moisture Therapy) that makes a huge difference (even if I do put it on and wash it off all day long). I never had it as bad as you though … wow!

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