The Definition of “Messed Up”

From the Urban Dictionary:

Messed Up

  1. To be wasted or drunk.
  2. To be beaten up badly.
  3. Something that is strange or weird.

Messed up 4

I’m going with definition #3, although I think the shoe is kind of cute.

The Green Bay Packers are currently relying on their third string QB to win today’s game. He’s not doing well and it is very strange to not see Aaron Rodgers on the field. It’s been a weird season so far, with lots of player injuries. It’s been a messed up season for the team and the fans.

“THAT’s messed up!” are three words we can use for various reasons – strange appearances and the behavior of other human beings are two. It can describe a snowstorm in spring, the relationships between co-workers in an office, a traffic jam due to road construction or the season of your favorite sports team. They are words easily spoken in accordance with our own definition of what is weird and strange, not counting out those moments when a drunk person beats up a sober person in order to steal the bag of gummy bears and one shoe from the sober person. Yes, THAT’s messed up.

This past week, I encountered my own personal definition of messed up. It involved a former parent-in-law who sent me a picture of a cute Siamese kitten and a note.  “Hi there! Here is a picture of our new kitten. Isn’t she cute? We named her Mary!

Messed up 5

Yes, this was the look on my face. For at least the next 15 minutes. Dumbfounded.

THAT is messed up, not to mention the epitome of not letting go (a topic for another day). I had to stop myself from being angry at one point. Instead I chose to laugh and I haven’t stopped laughing. I’ve told a few of my friends and they have laughed with me after rolling their eyes. The best reaction came from my boss. She was one of my greatest supporters through the divorce and she knows probably more than she wants to about life with the former husband and in-laws. I showed her the picture of the kitten and read the note and for several minutes, she looked just like the baby, just like me when I first discovered that I was named after an adorable kitten. When my boss finally spoke, the words “That’s bizarre!” came out of her mouth. Yes, I know! It’s messed up!

I have envisioned my former in-laws talking to the kitten in the coming days. “Come here Mary! Here Mary! Awww, nice Mary! Mary, get down off the table! Mary, sit! Mary, why did you claw the couch? Mary, you’re adorable.” 

It’s okay, you can laugh.

The moral of the story? Do NOT name your pet after your former daughter/son-in-law and/or your ex-spouse.

THAT is messed up.

 PS: If you have a different version of “messed up”, whether it is seriously strange or funny weird, feel free to share your comments below.

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