Pretty Strange in Pink

I attended a Halloween Party on Friday.

It’s an annual event in the area. All proceeds go to Children’s Hospital.

It brings out the strangest people.


The event also brings out the good people. And good witches.


There were those who left Spot at home…


…and those who took part in a bubble bath.


And then there was the Fed-Ex Material Girl. I offered to wrap packages and ship overnight.


No one took me up on my offer. The pink peanuts scared people.

A couple of young men wanted to pop my bubble wrap.

The Supreme Court ruled there was nothing wrong with that.


The young men spied the bubble bath girls shortly after.

Run, bubble girls, run!

In the end, a good time was had by all.

Even those who couldn’t see much. (The referee has been out of a job since last year.)


Happy Halloween!

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