The Fall Truth


It’s fall. There is no denying. Green leaves have become a palette of red and yellow, ombre coloration lining the horizon.

It’s a favorite time of year for many. The smell of fall alone is worth the three-month walk toward winter.  It’s the combination of fallen leaves, air, the final cutting of grass and the occasional leaf burning pile that fills nostrils with the same exuberance as that of spring.

Well, almost.

I would exchange fall for spring again – in a heartbeat – solely for selfish reasons. It’s a desire for a warm sun and time outdoors without a jacket.  I’m not ready to give it up for cold and snow. The fall weather this week has been amazing – blue skies, yellow sun, temps in the low 70’s (10 degrees above normal, according to the meteorologist). A plethora of reasons to spend every moment possible outdoors. I can hear my mountain bike calling me from inside the walls of my office and I can’t wait to get home and open the garage.


Time to load up the Kona and pedal my backside down a local trail. Time to take in the fall season (and burn a few cookie calories).

With a seven mile (I know, that’s lame), two-wheel journey, the sights, smells, sounds and certainty of fall were clearly evident.


Two swans were a swimming. (Actually, it was more like silently floating.)


Many geese were a honking. (Making lots of noise…hanging out…preparing for a trip.)


Two pretty trees were a standing. (Interesting how only half the tree is red.)


A glorious fall sunset was a streaming. (A moment to be still and enjoy.)

It’s not winter yet. It’s not Christmas yet.

There’s no denying.

It’s a beautiful day, a beautiful season.

It’s fall.

5 responses to The Fall Truth

  1. Wayne LeLoo says:

    Like your Thoughts Mary. And you, lucky you, are having a much warmer fall there than I am having here in the Seattle area. God Bless. ~Wayne

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