Green Smoothie, Gold Sweater, Football Fan


It’s Green Bay Packer Sunday.  I always get in the spirit on Packer Sunday and today is no exception – my food is green and gold, my apparel is green and gold, my thoughts are green and gold. I will be headed to my friend Natasha’s home in a few minutes to root for my team. I have been a fan since I can remember, listening to the Packers on the radio during the Vince Lombardi era. (Yes, long time.)  I love Packer football, and having a 14-year-old girl crush on Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews certainly helps with the love. GO PACK GO!

So, I’ll be back in three hours after lots of yelling, jumping up and down, many “rah! rah!s” and having a couple of adult refreshments. Hopefully, with a positive report about my team.

You don’t have to stare at the computer, waiting for news. Take a break and go root for YOUR favorite team or simply enjoy your Sunday afternoon with a bike ride or walk. Your choice!


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