Lazily Pointing the Finger

I have been blog-post-lazy and uninspired the last five days. The most I have managed to do is reblog a recipe for Chicken Paella (it’s delicious!) and a picture of happiness that made me smile, and post a wordless Wednesday photo that made readers either groan or utter the words “Well, that’s stupid!.” (My response to the stupid comment would be, “It’s not stupid, it’s nothing…and wordless.”)

Who or what is to blame for the lack of a somewhat intelligent and/or funny blog post during this span of five days? My finger first points in two directions: 1) A long holiday weekend in which you are NOT supposed to labor at anything. 2) The weekly Daily Post Writer’s Challenge, which asked us to “Mind the Gap” in regard to the recent Miley Cyrus event at the VMA’s.

I don’t need to expand on #1 because that would belabor the point; however, I must explain #2. I was looking forward to the weekly writing challenge on Sunday evening. I knew then I needed motivation to write. I can tell when I’m in a creativity slump and I thought the writing challenge would help with said slump. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in the theme of this challenge. I do not want to write about Miley Cyrus and her foam finger. I do not want to discuss why she bent over for Robin Thicke and stuck out her tongue and whether it was a “cry for help”, a publicity stunt, and overblown reaction by the media and/or the public…or Miley’s inability to find herself.

Couldn’t we talk about cats or motorcycles or football or the impending death of summer?


Okay, then, I will pass on a picture that a Facebook friend of mine posted to his wall.

Miley and Justin

“Actually, God, instead of exchanging two for one, how about if you simply help Justin and Miley find their way to adulthood without the constant media attention that filters through the internet and TV? I realize increased publicity may be the goal of Justin, Miley and their agents, but their behavior is not going to make millions of people buy their records or endear them to the masses. God, if they are truly talented young people, please lead them by the nose back into the studio so that they can make good music and stay out of trouble. Amen. PS: “Good music” is subjective.”

If you’re still reading, I have additional lack-of-blog-post-blame to spew. Let’s continue with the lazy, uninspired blogger (I smell a WordPress award) finger-pointing and blaming…

  • I have been busy, busy, busy. Seriously busy. I barely had time to give myself a pedicure.
  • My tendonitis has been acting up. M ake s it ha..rd     to    type.
  • I was asked out on a date this past weekend. It’s his fault that I didn’t run home and blog because he made me enjoy his company.
  • I had a headache Monday morning from spending too much time on Facebook Sunday night.
  • I took my mother out to lunch on Saturday instead of blogging. (Actually, that’s not a reason to blame. Never mind.)
  • My cat, Gibbs, wanted me to pet him. I couldn’t escape the kneading, head butting and cat gurgling.
  • I had to clean my pig sty (a/k/a apartment) instead of blogging. (My allergies thanked me later.)
  • I have to work instead of blogging. I blame myself and the need to eat.
  • I had to practice yoga, go to the pool, take a 7-mile ride on the bike and do laundry in the span of three days.
  • I gave blood. Sucked the life out of my veins and my brain. The only words I can share after blood letting are “cookies, orange juice and band-aid.”
  • No one or nothing has inspired me. Not my friends, nor pancakes, nor brilliant blue sunshine…not even my beloved Green Bay Packers. I’ve got nothing.

I’m so lazy and uninspired, I don’t want to type any longer. I want to end this and read my John Sanford book.

I’m going to forego adding a picture of a pointing finger and publish this post.

The end.


6 responses to Lazily Pointing the Finger

  1. Lisa Chesser says:

    I go as far as to reconsider what the hell I’m doing blogging at all. It’s sometimes a roller coaster ride.

  2. Hello! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone 4! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the excellent work!|

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