I am me

“Sea. Do you remember the first time you went in the water? Do you feel more peaceful around water? What’s the most interesting thing about the sea for you? Share a photo which means SEA to you!”

Trestle Trail 018

I am not the sea

I am me

A wide spot in the river

A lake I came to be

No salt dwells below

An ocean is not near

I sit calmly, patiently…

Above my smooth head of glass I hear

Those who come to walk over me

Those who come to fish from me

Those who come to revere in my beauty

They say hello

I wave back

No, I am not the sea

I am me

Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sea

6 responses to I am me

  1. Hello. I’m new on your blog and I’m now following along via Bloglovin. I love cats and photography as well, so I’m looking forward to visiting often.

  2. Liz says:

    I love it when the sea is calm and blue; I love it when the tide is out because I can walk and admire all those beautiful and coloured creatures, beneath; I love to see the dare-devils surfing and I am so afraid when it’s raging. The sea animals are full of colour too! Thanks for sharing that calm, blue photo!

    • bikerchick57 says:

      You’re welcome! I love the ocean, but don’t live near it or get to it very often. Instead, I enjoy the many lakes and rivers surrounding my area, this being one of those lakes.

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