The Big VETowski

Human: The annual trip to the vet is upon us.  We make the journey on Monday.

The Kids: What? What did you say?


Human: Ummmmm…..I said that I will pet you on Monday.

The Kids: We heard what you said!

Gibbs: Not to worry, Ziva. I shall protect you. Human will have to come through me first.


Human: Gibbs, get off her. Silly boy.

The Kids: Human can’t get us up here. We will fend her off with our hypnotic alien eyes. Human will fall off her chair.


Human: Guys, who’s going to feed you if I fall off my chair and break a leg?

The Kids: *didn’t think about that*

Human: I’m getting your carriages ready!


The Kids: Eww. Are those the same stinky towels from last year?

Human: Stinky? They smell like you…

Gibbs: Last resort, Ziva. Keep eating and don’t make eye contact. Keep eating!


Human: No puking in the car.

Next Up: The aftermath of a harrowing car ride.

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