Taking a hammer to it…

Ball Pean

On Saturday, I couldn’t get my car started. I kept turning the key and it kept going “click, click, click…click, click, click…click, click, click”. Mr. Triple A was called. Mr. Triple A and his jumper cables were no help.

Mr. Tow Truck Guy was then called.

Just like Mr. Triple A, TTG was unsuccessful in getting my car started with his battery meter jumper thingie (that’s Mary tech speak). At one point, he walked back to his tow truck and pulled out a ball peen hammer. Huh? As he was walking back to my car, I asked him if he was going to beat my car into submission. Tow Truck Guy laughed, but I was a bit concerned. He didn’t answer.

No, really, what are you going to do with a hammer? Please don’t hurt the car!

Tow Truck Guy took out his little flashlight, looked fervently for the starter, couldn’t find it (too much car engine crap in the way)(more Mary tech speak), and put the unused hammer away. Whew, that was close! Through the wonder of the internet, I determined that Tow Truck Guy had clear intent to tap my starter with his ball peen hammer. If the car would have started after that, it would have meant I needed a new starter. Hmmm, interesting.

I learned something new this week, although I would have preferred being dumb or clueless since this entire event prevented me from spending planned quality time with the family Saturday afternoon. (Not to mention the forced walking to the grocery store and the 48 hours spent worrying about warranties and the unpronounceable disease they would find under the hood of the car.)

In the end, the car was towed away and two days later, after the diagnostics were performed, I rescued my car from the hands of the head mechanic. He claimed it was simply a dead battery.

Mary must have left a light on.

Disaster averted, the ball peen hammer and Mary can rest easy – another story pounded out for the masses.

3 responses to Taking a hammer to it…

  1. Cathy Ulrich says:

    Glad the car is fixed, Mary. The ball-peen hammer could have helped diagnose the problem, I suppose. In years gone by, ex-husband drove an MGB that had a faulty fuel pump located just behind the right rear wheel. He carried a hammer in the car at all times and when the pump got stuck, he would get out, grab the hammer and tap the pump. Then the car would start and go for several more weeks…

  2. Stephen , also, carried a hammer in his car along with a pop can, and wire in case of repairs! Glad it was not major or too costly.

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