I Remember . . . The House

Weekly Writing Challenge: I Remember

Set a countdown timer for 10 minutes, choose one of the writing prompts below, and just start writing. Whatever you do, don’t stop for ten minutes. Keep your fingers typing. Write what you remember. It need not be accurate — it’s your memory. Do not judge. You got this.  Your earliest memory. Capture every detail. Write for 10 minutes. Go.

It was an older, two-story house on a prominent corner. She was three or four.

She could see the neon lights of a burger stand from the window of her bedroom.

The house seemed vacuumous. Huge, with a dark, damp basement.

She doesn’t remember the fence surrounding the house.

She doesn’t remember sitting in a pile of leaves with her brother. The picture tells her that moment existed.


She barely remembers her great aunt and uncle, and the godparents, coming for a visit.

She does remember the mouse. The one that ran beneath her mother’s feet. She screamed. Eeeeek! She stood on top of the sewing machine until dad came to the rescue.

She doesn’t remember what happened to the mouse, but she’s sure he made it to mouse heaven.

She remembers the doctor making a house visit to see the brother…a peek around the corner…the doctor was there…in the living room. She ran upstairs and hid until he went away. She was afraid of a shot, whether one was needed or not.

At four years of age, she moved to a one-story ranch with the family. The old, two-story house came down.

A gas station took its place.

The house became a four year old’s memory…what little she can remember…

What do others remember? Follow the link…


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