Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


As I pulled out of the garage early this morning, and gently applied the breaks, I heard what sounded like a marble rollling around on the roof of my vehicle.

What the heck?

The vehicle went into park. I placed my foot on the driver’s side floor and hoisted myself up to see what was causing the noise.

What the heck?

There was the screw. Laying on the roof. I had to stop and think about how this screw got to this location. Hmmmmmm….. The wheels turned for a bit and then the light bulb went on. I walked to the middle of the garage and looked up toward the garage door opener unit.


The metal runners that were holding the unit in place appeared to be devoid of a screw. Three of four screws were holding the unit in place. This one screw worked it’s way out until it was finally free to go for a ride and to foreshadow what could have happened had it landed on the floor under my car instead.

Would I have noticed it? Would I have ever looked up to see that it was missing from above? If I had found this screw on the floor and not realized where it came from, would it have been a foreshadowing of a disaster – another screw letting loose and the eventuality of a garage door unit denting the top of my vehicle?

Possible. And, yet, I am extremely fortunate that this screw simply foreshadowed a call to the landlord and quick service to have a potentially dangerous situation averted.

(Be sure to check out additional foreshadowing with this challenge at the Daily Post.)


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