Give Blood, Receive Rock Horns

I am giving Bill rock horns, two thumbs up and a fist pump. (Click on the link since I haven’t figure out yet how to imbed video.)


100 gallons of platelets…after giving 16 gallons of whole blood…a lifetime of giving.

Unbelievably awesome.

My co-worker and I were talking about platelet donation earlier this week. We both donate whole blood on a regular basis, but tend to give platelets very seldom. It’s a matter of finding the time out of our schedule, and the difficult part for me is the squeezing of that little round ball for an hour or more – I have tendonitis in my hands. After watching Bill give his 100th platelet donation to the Red Cross, I think I may have to buck up and make an additional appointment. I wonder if the phlebotomist will help me squeeze?

Every blood donation helps three people. Platelets help burn victims and patients battling cancer. (We all have had acquaintances, family or friends who have battled cancer.)

The donations from my community blood center serve 18 hospitals and receive approximately 50,000 blood donations every year.

The need for donations increase in the summer, so if you’re in good health and can find time out of your day . . .

Donate Blood

It really doesn’t take that much time. It might be good to relax and do nothing for a few minutes except squeeze a little round ball.

It beats ironing or cleaning the bathroom.

Plus they give you cookies and juice afterwards.

The cookies are totally worth your time.

5 responses to Give Blood, Receive Rock Horns

  1. I have given blood 5X in the past two weeks and unfortunately not for the blood banks. I would love to be able to give than have it taken…

  2. Miss Lou says:

    It’s a great thing to do – give blood. The number of people requiring it to the number of people giving it is just never enough! 😦

    Good on you all! Bill is a Legend undoubtedly!

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