Fishing Fuel

Camping at Twin Lakes 020

Natasha and I have a new rule. Never ever fish without Oreos.

The reasons are many. I’ll give you the short list.

  • Oreos are good. No, Oreos are great.
  • Oreos are the best alternative to breakfast, lunch or dinner in the boat or at the boat landing.
  • Oreos are chocolate. (Good substitution for melty KitKat bars)
  • Oreos have a creme filling. This is not relative to fishing, but still important.
  • Oreos help us catch fish.
  • No, they really do help us catch fish.
  • Especially when you simultaneously have one Oreo in the mouth and one Oreo in each hand. (That’s three total)
  • An Oreo helps one get through the agony of spilling one’s only mug of coffee in the boat.
  • An Oreo also keeps one from swimming the width of the lake to get more coffee when one spills it in the boat.
  • Oreos also eases the pain and sadness of forgetting to take the worms.
  • Oreos are more important than worms, even when fishing.
  • Oreos cover up the dual smell of deet and sunscreen.
  • Oreos give us a sense of peace when the fish aren’t biting.
  • Oreos give us a sense of accomplishment even when the bass aren’t big enough to keep.
  • Finally, Oreos make us strong…strong enough to pull in a fish when the fishing pole falls apart.



When Natasha and I were loading the car to drive home, I had a package of Oreos in my hand. I looked at her and said, “I think I’ve had enough Oreos. I’m hungry for fruit.”

“Blasphemer” she cried! (with a look of angry perplexity)

It was a quiet ride home.


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6 responses to Fishing Fuel

  1. Vegetarian In Vegas says:

    It wasn’t until I was shopping in a larger store that I found out they come in all kinds of flavours. And while I love good old fashion “oreo” oreos the strawberry milk shake ones sure looked good, so did the fudge, and of course the mint!

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