Work has blown up. There is a tornado circling my desk.

I am trying to get ready to go camping a week from Saturday and I don’t feel I have accomplished much to prepare for the trip.

The “I need to do’s” are swimming around in my head, making me dizzy. A few have made it to the pit of my stomach.

I will be away from work for three days next week for various reasons, which means the tornado on my desk will grow in force and I will have less time to work on the need-to-do’s.

The cold that I thought was going away last week has not gone away. *cough* *cough*

Finally, today, Medicaid sent me a letter stating that mom’s benefits will cease July 1st, based on a lot of incorrect information and a lost envelope that was mailed to them two weeks ago. Really? You’re going to make her move to a nursing home and end up paying more for her rent than you do in assisted living?

Medicaid will be hearing from me Friday morning.

Yes, I’m a tad crazy right now. And busy.

I may not be hanging around my blog or WordPress in the coming week or two.

Except to post a picture of me being dragged away to the funny farm.

I need to speak to The Man.

Maybe breathe.

And eat something bad.

Or get drunk.


4 responses to Crazy

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