Choices & Oreos

The Window…

GB Botanical 035

Do you mull over its smallness and your inability to see more than a small piece of the sky and a tree branch?

Or do you view it as a window that opens to the rest of your world – to flowers, the ocean, the concert hall or the bag of Oreos on your grocery store shelf?

The Opening…

GB Botanical 036

Are you focused only on walking through to get to the other side so you can find the restroom?

Or are you excited about the beauty and goodness that awaits on the other side – more flowers, a peaceful walk, and double-stuff Oreos on your next visit to the grocery store?

Two Left Shoes…


Do you despair over the inability to go for a long walk in your neighborhood? Do you lay on the couch instead and stuff your face with double stuff Oreos?

Or do you drive in your best shoes to the beach, leave said shoes in the car upon arrival, and take a long walk on the beach without the Oreos?

There are always options for how we look at life and the half full/half empty glass of life…or milk, for your Oreos.

What do you see when you look out the window?

What do you think about when you walk through the opening?

What do you do when your shoes or life throws you a curveball?

While you’re pondering those answers, I have to excuse myself and go find a bag of Oreos…

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