Girlfriend Day!


I had a really wonderful Saturday with my girlfriend, Natasha.

We started with pancakes, waffles and poached eggs. The coffee washed down our throats with the ease that comes from caffeine addiction. Natasha and I talked about plans for the day ahead and laughed, as we usually do, with a cup of silliness.

Off to the grocery store next for water, protein bars, Ranier cherries and a bottle of Marco Negri (best sparkling Moscato ever). The protein bars and water was for an afternoon bike ride, hoping that the weatherman was right and the sun would shine.

After checking out, we drove to our next planned destination – the bike trail. We had to determine how far the trail rambled on and how long our backsides could tolerate the bicycle seat (we can be weenies).

Then, raindrops on the window. Pooh. There might not be a bike ride.

Well, OK, then let’s stop at the greenhouse. If we can’t ride, we can plant. Natasha needed a few fillers for her patio. While riding down the country roads to follow the bike trail, we found a greenhouse neither of us knew existed. A hidden secret, at least for the two wandering gypsies. It was a family-run operation behind their house, complete with pretty petunias, a puppy, two emu’s and a sign that said “Beware of Frogs”. My girlfriend thought it said “Beware of Dog” even though it was neatly imbedded in the soil next to a ceramic frog. The dog bone laying in the yard threw her for a minute. Natasha didn’t find the red New Guinea impatiens she was looking for, but she had the pleasure of a puppy hug and we both made a mental note to remember this place next spring.

Off and running to the next greenhouse. Still no red New Guinea’s, but the vinca vines will fill the last window box. One more greenhouse and the red impatiens were found! Yay!

Home again, home again. Natasha dropped me off at my place so I could throw my cherries in the fridge and grab my yoga mat. She wanted me to teach her a few basic yoga poses after we planted her flowers, ate dinner and sampled adult refreshments on her patio. I hauled my laundry over to her place too, so I could accomplish something more than sampling adult refreshments. (I know, I know, you are saying, “Really? Are you crazy?”)

The rest of the afternoon went as planned, except for the yoga part. We tried to pack too many activities into one day. If only we had four more hours, we could have gone for a bike ride (because the sun eventually came out) and practiced yoga. Those darn short days!

The flower boxes were filled, the red impatiens and vina vines took their places on the patio, and the show of red and white flowers made other apartment dwellers stop in their tracks to coo, “Ohhhhhh, how lovely!” Natasha and I dirtied our fingernails while the bolognese sauce simmered and the bottle of moscato vodka chilled. I haven’t had vodka in many years, but tonight I made an exception. This was girlfriend day. Normally, girlfriend excursions last a few hours – going out to dinner, to a movie, or to listen to live music. Today was different, hanging out from 10:00 in the morning until 10:00 at night. Plenty of laughs and we never found a moment with nothing to say. Plus, we found that a combination of moscato vodka, 7-Up, tonic water, and a twist of lime made for an exceptionally good adult refreshment.

After dinner, drinks and chocolate coconut ice cream for dessert, Natasha and I capped off the evening by watching “Everyman’s Journey”, a film about  Journey’s lead singer, Arnel Pineda, and how the original boys from the band found him on YouTube. It was very interesting and the movie ended with Natasha’s favorite song, “Don’t Stop Believing!” We were silently singing along because no one can sing that song better than 1) Steve Perry and 2) Arnel Pineda and no one should ever drown either of them out.

That was cool.

Time to go home. I packed up my laundry and dragged it and myself home. I texted Natasha later to thank her for her company, the food, and for making it a good day. It was really a fun day spent with my bestest bestie friend.

I love you, Natasha. Let’s do this again soon.

6 responses to Girlfriend Day!

  1. Sometimes the unexpected plans form part of a great day/night out with friends. Especially when they turn out to be better than the original plans.

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