Picture of Giving

2013 Mission Rummage 011

I’m tired. I’ve spent most of today helping out at the church rummage sale. It’s the 2nd annual rummage sale. The volunteers bagged and boxed a plethora of items, helped serve lunch and folded/refolded/re-refolded a ton of clothes until they were blue in the face. I’ll head back to the church Saturday morning for day two of one person’s junk turning into another person’s treasure. I found a few treasures myself – a fern, two blouses, a sweater and a Beanie Baby spider (the girls’ camping trip mascot).

This is a “donation” rummage sale, which is very cool since none of the church community members have to affix price stickers after spending hours mulling over what to charge for every single item. That could be very draining. Instead, the church asks for donations that will be applied to Project X. This project is the annual drive to help needy families at Christmas. The Mission Church has fundraisers throughout the year, such as Basket Bonanza, so that they can reach out to the community during the holidays. I was honored to be involved in Project X last year and was amazed at the giving spirit of people, like the business owner who donated a year’s worth of oil changes to one blessed family or the sheer number of donation dollars that came flooding in. This small church of about 250 people was able to give 16 families a very Merry Christmas in 2012.

Back to the rummage sale . . .

This morning, a woman handed one of the volunteers a $50 bill because she didn’t think the man in front of her paid enough for his treasure. This afternoon, a retired gentleman bought 80 pairs of shoes to take with him on a mission to Guatemala. In between, many people filtered through the rummage sale area, picked up treasures, and were thanked for their generosity. More to come on Saturday.

I love this church. The church community has a giving heart from start to finish. Everyone pitches in when it comes to helping others, helping those less fortunate. No one ever blinks an eye or complains about the mission that this church holds. They exist “to be a light to the darkness and bring hope to people who desperately need it” and they do this by “putting our faith in action, by loving God and by loving others.”

At a time when there seems to be so much sadness, despair and anger in the world, a place like this and the people within their walls can be a bright spot in the darkness. They can be a picture of love and giving, in the greatest sense.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

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